Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26th , 2014

Oraire ota! So today we mostly just did festival preparation at Bishops High School, where we’ve been for the last few days. We started by all helping in the Music, Dance and Drama department with a group of kids I think was the drama club. They taught us some of their traditional dancing and we practiced the Hoedown Throwdown and Cotton Eyed Joe, and we also taught them the Dougie. Throughout the day we continued with 2 hours for each fete category, MDD, food and crafts, games, and sports. During crafts time we drew decorations for the festival and put them up around the school and around the surrounding town area. My favorite part of the day was probably games, teaching a group how to play Wah, which is basically just a game played in a circle with a big group. Some of the teachers joined in and tried to take control, and they are actually quite scary, but the students were able to take it back.
                  Instead of sports after school, Sunny, Jessica, Angus and I helped Mr. Reed teach his ‘science club’ about chromatography with an experiment using simple items they could find here and the chemistry teacher could redo later. The experiment went really well and the kids picked up the concepts pretty easily and were very excited to actually see the science that they usually only read about and memorize. Overall, the day at Bishops was really fun, and watching them learn and being around their warmth is always fulfilling.
By Diva de Loayza

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  1. SOunds like you all have had a great few days. Party planning is always fun-especially when it involves dancing. It must have been meaningful to share all of you science knowledge. I imagine the primary school children loved all the attention from you"big Kids"!! Summer is in full swing in the Northeast. Everyone is gearing up for fourth of July already!! Enjoy sharing your traditions-can't wait to read about all of the adventures ahead. With Love Beth-Jessica's Mom.