Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25th 2014

Agandi! This is Amani coming to you live from Rukungri, Uganda. Today was our third day working with the kids at Bishops High School. Like yesterday, we all split up into groups and went to different classes. Sunny, Tyler and I went to an S3 English class. S3 is the equivalent of 10th grade. Yesterday we sat through S2 classes, so it was nice to see new faces and meet different people. After class was break which is a time where all of the kids go outside, get a snack from the school store, and just hangout. After break some of the students were pulled out of their classes to come help us prepare for the festival that is taking place on July 3rd. This is a festival that it celebrating the bond between our two schools and all of the things we've taught each other. It's also a chance for some of the local families to interact with us. Once again we split ourselves up into two groups. One group was working on MDD which is music, dance, and drama. In this group not only did the Groton students teach the Bishops students some dances that we knew, but the Bishops students also taught us one of their local dances. In my group we worked on arts and crafts. We made signs announcing the festival and also decorated paper triangles which we will later turn into flags. After we finished all of our signs, our group followed Randi up to the big soccer field the school has. Here we taught the Bishops students the game of four square. After explaining the rules and demonstrating a few games, the Bishops students picked it up quickly and seemed to really enjoy the game.

Today we left school early to go to the local market. This market was much different than the ones we've been to in the past. We walked around the market looking for supplies for the festival. Accompanying us was the geography, sports, and music teacher named Ronald (known to the students as Mbaho). While walking in the market a group of us ran into one man who designated Marie as his wife. After the market we drove back to Jim's House for some down time. “Be on the alert, like the red ant that moves with its claws wide open.” -Uganda. 

 -Written by Amani Jiu

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