Saturday, June 21, 2014

Agandi! Our first full day in Rukungiri was quite a relaxing day. We all woke up at 8:00 to eat breakfast. The kitchen staff served eggs and Mendazi (fried dough). We were planning to head into town at 11:00, so Randi helped us play a bunch of games. Since Jim's property was so big, we were able to play games like Ultimate Frisbee and Roofball. My team with Grace, Marie, Sunny, Jessica, and Diva were the Ultimate Frisbee champs.

We took a 10 minute drive into town to get food for the cooking the trip leaders planned out for tomorrow. When we were in town, almost all the people there were waving, smiling, and greeting us. I was amazed by their kind approaches. One of the little boys even hugged me. We went to a market to buy vegetables for the cooking. Tyler and I were assigned to buy carrots and green beans. In Uganda, we learned that the markets did not have a fixed price on their items, meaning that the customers could bargain with the owners for a price. Tyler and I bargained for a kilogram of carrots and got them for 2,000 shillings, which is under a dollar. We also did the same for the green beans.
After two hours of walking around town, we went to Rukungiri Inn for lunch. They served us something
similar to a grilled cheese sandwich along with rice. After lunch, we went back to Jim's to milk the cows. Unfortunately, they had already finished milking it. Grace tried milking a cow, but no milk came out. But it was still cool to see the cows. We got back to the house and played more games with each other like Mafia and Four Square. After the games, it was time for dinner. We were joined by the principal of the school, Kham, we were going to visit on the trip. For dinner, we had Chipata (Ugandan pancakes), beef, and rice. I really enjoyed the trip so far, and I know that it'll just get better. -Kei Nawa

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