Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24: Second Day at Bishops

Orire ota!
Today was a busy day for us here in Rukungiri as it was our second day at Bishops High School and we were still getting to know all of the students. We began the day sitting in on the classes; it was fascinating to see how different a class in Uganda was to one at Groton School. I sat in on a history class and an English class with Tyler and Amani, and I think we were all a little taken aback by the 100 other students who shared the classroom with us. Coming from a school where 20 students in a class is a hefty amount, I was amazed at how well such a large class functioned. During breaks, students would gather around us to touch our hair, poke our faces, and ask us questions. They were particularly fascinated by Amani's camera and Tyler's watch. The warmth and curiosity of all of the students were so evident and it was amazing to feel so welcome in a place that could not be further away from home.
Another exciting event that happened today was the long awaited meeting of our homestay buddies. We found out who we would be staying with during our homestays and got to know them through ice breaker activities. We were all a little nervous but as we started to talk to our buddies I think we all began to look forward to our homestays.

After meeting our buddies, we split up into two groups: one with Mr. Reed to help out with his science club and one with Randi to help with sports. I was with Mr. Reed, Diva, Jessica, and Angus; we were greeted by about 50 students who sat at the edges of their seats. Mr. Reed guided them through the scientific method by performing a hands on experiment involving the principles behind a "magic fish". As we guided them through the process, it was great to see that they were all so curious and happy. Many of them impressed me as they came up with the right hypotheses and conclusions. After the science club and sports, the Groton gang headed back to Jim's house for the evening. Today was a long but exciting day and I am looking forward to some more memories made here in Rukungiri.

- Sunny Chai


  1. I'm sure I speak for all followers of the Uganda blog when I say a huge 'Thank You!' to you all for your daily reports. It's almost as good as being there with you. Love, Larkin (Angus's mom)

  2. sunyoung!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Orire ota (good morning, right?) to all of you in Rukungiri. It is indeed so great to be able to follow these very special moments and experiences through the daily updates. The writtings are superb, and the pictures are truly delightful. Our best wishes with your homestays, your learnings and discoveries. 'It's a small world afterall~'. Sunny's Dad

  4. It is so wonderful to read these posts and see the wonderful images of the Groton crew and the students from Bishops High School. The warmth and excitement is just so evident. Continue to enjoy this amazing experience. - Kenya (Amani's Mom)