Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some photographs from my 3 day visit

I spent a delightful three days in Rukungiri with team Groton. It was a wonderful experience and both students and faculty are thriving. The place is absolutely stunningly beautiful and it was difficult to leave after such a short time there. I took some photographs with the Global Ed camera and have posted it at the link below. Go into each folder and click  on the first photograph to view as a slide show - navigation at the bottom.


My first day at Rukungiri was spent at Bishop's school as the two schools prepared for the fete at the end of the trip and then played some sports in the afternoon. While they were playing, I went with the Michael and Lesley - our hosts in Uganda - to visit every homestay as mattresses, pillows and other items were delivered. My second day was at the local primary school, where we played with the kids and our students read to them. At around 5:00 PM on my second day our students departed for their homestays.  My third day was spent mostly in a van as we crossed the border into Congo (see the one group photo that I've taken) saw some wildlife in the southern tip of the rift valley and visited a fishing village on Lake Edward.  If you look carefully the last picture in the fishing village/ rift valley folder has an elephant standing under a tree.



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  1. Nishad, thank you so much for sharing your pictures! These have filled in the gaps in my imagination. Beautiful!

    Michelle (Tyler's aunt)