Monday, July 7, 2014

Journey to Kampala

Hi everyone!
Today we woke up early, packed up all of our stuff, and left out hotel. Before we started our 7 hour long journey to Kampala, we went on a game drive for a few hours. After some searching, we were able to see a few lions in the national park. Then we set out on the bus ride of all bus rides. About two hours, we stopped for lunch and were very excited to find that the restaurant in Fort Portal specialized in burgers, shakes, and pizza. Everyone ordered milkshakes and bacon cheeseburgers. It was an interesting change from rice, beans, meat and matoke. We stopped at a craft market before we left Fort Portal. The rest of the bus ride we all slept, played games, and took pictures as we passed baboons walking along the road next to us. It was sort of surprising to be in a city again. Seeing the crowded streets was so different than being in the village of Rukungiri and even in the national parks. We are all now settled at our hotel and ready for the next two days in Kampala.
Bye for now, Jessica

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