Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2, Wednesday Photos

Greetings from Uganda!!!
Today was the last preparation day before the festival.  We spent the morning with Mbaho and the rest of the Music, Dance, Drama gang.  We started by practicing singing Mbaho’s “Tuna” (true love) song.  He wrote it out for us confirming that “dark nodar” was actually “dark nonald.”  It all makes sense now!  We then had our final rehearsal of the Cotton Eyed Joe and Hannah’s (aka Miley’s) Hoedown Throwdown.  We also practiced the Bishop’s student’s traditional dance.  After MDD we did crafts.  Christina and Randi had cut out a G for Groton and a B for Bishop’s.  While some of us decorated the letters to hang up, everyone else drew the Groton and the Bishop’s campuses with the Bishop’s students.  It was fun to explain to the Bishop’s students what our circle looks like and see how their interpretation came out on paper.  They were all great artists and there was a super cool pic of me doing a bicycle kick on the soccer field!
During the lunch period Amani, Kei, Tyler, and I played “I Win”.  I Win is a game we created similar to dodgeball.  After the Bishop’s students watched us playing they picked up on it and started playing too.  They were a lot better than we were at dodging the ball though.  After lunch Grace, Diva, Caitlyn, and I went back to Jim’s House to cook for the festival.  We baked carrot cake and banana bread with the help of our leader Margaret.  We brought samples back to Bishop’s to share with the other Groton amigos.  It was great to have some food that reminded us of home. 
In other news, sports today were the playoffs for the final speedball and Frisbee games.  Amani and I were feeling general weakness so we participated as spectators.  We hung out with Bishop’s students such as Isaac and KG (Sam aka Kevin Garnett).  Mbaho was leading the playoff games wearing his new Groton basketball uniform.  Swaggy!  After a long and productive day we left school for the final night at our homestays.  It was very sad to spend one last night with my family.  We played volley ball with all the neighborhood kids with a small plastic ball and the clothes line.  After volley ball we paid Sunny a visit and watched her Dougie for all of us at her homestay.  My family gave me pictures and a letter to remember them by.  I was very grateful for their generosity.  We are all very excited for the festival tomorrow!

Yours Truly,
Mujungu Marie

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